• Duration

    18th December 2021 @ 2pm – 6pm

  • Location

    Divetek Pretoria

    Shop 25 Greenlyn Village Centre Corner Thomas Edison and Mackenzie St,
    Menlo Park, Pretoria,

  • Course Numbers

    Maximum 10 with 2 Instructors

  • Price


This is the perfect course to give you an introduction to breathing underwater.
The first baby-step to exploring the underwater world!
Book Your NAUI Try Scuba Diving Course today with Divetek


Course Pre-requisites

Participants must be able to swim.
The Minimum Age is 8 and prior Medical Conditions must be discussed with the Instructor allocated to the Course.


The NAUI Try Scuba Diving Course is a Recognition Program Only.
Upon Completion – you will receive a Digital Certificate.


Cancellations 24 hours prior to the start of the course will be refunded. Due to the nature of the cancellations, we require a minimum of 4 in order to run the course.

December 18th, 20212pmTry Scuba Diving LectureTry Scuba Diving Introduction Lecture and Review Questions
3:30pmTry Scuba Diving Pool SessionIntroduction to Snorkelling Techniques and Equipment Fitting
4pmTry Scuba Diving Pool SessionIntroduction to Scuba Diving with Basic Skills

Try Scuba Diving

Want to do something exciting? Thinking about Scuba Diving?
Ever wanted to know what it felt like to breathe underwater?
Look no further than the Divetek NAUI Try Scuba Diving course!

We give you the opportunity to try Diving in a safe and warm environment. Get acquainted with the gear and feel comfortable breathing underwater before taking on the Full Open Water Course.


You will earn the NAUI Try Scuba recognition rating. This is not a formal certification.

Should you book and complete you Open Water Course within 6 months of your Try Scuba you will receive 50% back from the cost of your Try Scuba towards your Open Water Course.

Course Details


  • An hour lecture on the basics of Scuba Diving
  • 30min Introduction to Snorkelling
  • 2 Hour pool session on Scuba
  • Skills Focussed on:
    – Buoyancy and Water Movement
    – Breathing
    – Equalisation of the ears
    – Regulator Recovery
    – Mask Clearing
  • Pool session in an indoor heated pool
  • All equipment included (masks, snorkels, fins and scuba gear)
  • NAUI digital certificate

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Participants must be able to swim
  • Minimum Age: 8
  • Prior Medical Conditions must be discussed with the Instructor allocated to the Course.
  • Special mention should be made of the following Medical Conditions:
    – Asthma
    – Epilepsy
    – Heart Disorders
    – Lung Disorders
    – Severe Claustrophobia
    – Recent Chest Colds
    – Recent Sinus Infections
    – Treatments and/or Surgeries

(Please note: Not all of the above mentioned medical conditions are a definite exclusion from a Try Scuba Diving Course, and a participant may engage in the course provided a Medical Certificate is provided by his/her Doctor stating that said participant is fit to Dive.)

Time Requirements

The Try Scuba Diver Course only requires a morning commitment from each of its participants. Our Course is incredibly thorough and every effort is made to make sure it is an enjoyable and manageable course for all students.
The Schedules require huge effort and planning from each allocated Instructor and participants are expected to attend the class on time and as scheduled.
Should a participant need to cancel for whatever reason – please contact the allocated Instructor.
Due to the nature of the cancellations, we do require a minimum of 4 participants in order to run the course. Should we not have the minimum number required, the course will be moved to the next available date.

Deposits and Payments

Payment in full needs to be made prior to course starting date or cash can be handed to your instructor on the course day prior to any training taking place.