Thorough Training

Courses designed with NAUI for South Africans specifically for South African Conditions

Online PLUS Lectures

Here, at Divetek, we make use of NAUI online material and we supplement it with face to face lectures

Qualify at the Coast

We learn to Scuba Dive because we want to dive in the Sea. Our Open Water qualifying dives are done at the coast.

Why choose Divetek?

So you have decided to embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime and would like to learn to dive with Divetek.
The first course on your journey is called the Open Water Course.
The First thing most people do today is they search a Scuba Diving Course online, contact the nearest dive shop, compare prices, establish the time involved and then book their course.
This unfortunate sequence of events results in the following:

80% of people who Learn to Dive in South Africa do not continue diving. It was Exciting but not Fun…they do not feel confident in their own abilities as a Scuba Diver.

Not all Scuba diving courses are created equal. Click the link below to find out what makes us different.

Scuba Courses we Offer